Kelly Lucia

Kelly Lucia

Kelly Lucia is the Lead Staff Writer at A ghostwriting service that provides businesses with the opportunity to build their online presence and grow their companies, Posts by Ghost offers strategic blogging, content marketing, and SEO assistance to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Specializing in reporting the latest marketing news, Kelly stays on top of small business trends and provides expert small business advice to owners and entrepreneurs. As the social media consultant for several local Milwaukee businesses, Kelly not only helps small businesses significantly build their online following, but she can also tell you exactly what you’re missing from your marketing strategy.

Kelly hit the ground running as a web copywriter several years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Over the last few years she’s developed a vast range of knowledge within the realm of content creation, writing and editing, and she prides herself on being able to write clear and unique content for an immense variety of industries, from overseas blogs about raffle tickets to small business and marketing advice on

When she’s not writing content in the form of blog articles and strategic website copy, she can be found working on SEO projects for large-scale Chicago clients, composing clever tweets and Facebook status updates for her clients, and even proofreading part-time for local advertising agencies.

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