Can Your Business Benefit From an Office Makeover?


The short answer to this question is yes; it can improve the productivity of your workers and create a good impression on your clients if your office looks like it’s supposed to. Now one may ask, what exactly is my office” supposed to” look like? While there is no definite rule set in stone for designing a particular business office, there are of course helpful guidelines that you can follow. The basic idea is that whether the theme is professional or casual, it should exude a positive, clean vibe.


Nobody wants to work in a dingy, cramped room with little to no outside light coming in through a single small window that should have been changed years ago. Hire a window company and install some strategically placed energy saving windows that fit in with the rest of your office’s design. It will have a positive effect on the mood and general morale of your employees if you can utilize natural light to its full effect in keeping the room well lit. Additionally, invest in artificial lighting sufficiently to make sure that even when it gets dark outside, your office is as bright as always. Besides, you will have a hard time impressing new clients without the bright and positive vibe that every good office is expected to harbor.


The exact nature of your furniture may differ in relation to your personal choice and the nature of your business, but whatever you choose, it is recommended to always go for portable or movable units. This will give you the freedom to reorganize and redesign your office whenever you need to, without too much hassle. Secondly, everything from chairs to computer tables should be ergonomic by design. Productivity is bound to go down if the majority of your workers begin to experience back pain after sitting for a few hours in front of the computer. It is best that you make sure even the keyboards and mice in your office offer ergonomic comfort to your employees. The workers will need to be physically comfortable in a working environment if you want a productive day of work from them.

Temperature Control and Cleanliness

If you have an office with artificial weather control, then you need to make sure that everything is working the way it’s supposed to. Cold and hot spots within an air-conditioned office is not acceptable as the people sitting in those spots will be uncomfortable and that will eventually affect their work. Also, keeping the office clean is essential, as any bad odor will circulate and become very hard to remove from the air-conditioning vents for days. Cleanliness also pertains to the arrangement of objects within the office and the color of the paint on walls. Even when a room is small, try to maintain a bit of gap in-between everything. Keep office equipment neat and organized to avoid a cluttered messy look. While choosing a color for the walls, it is best to opt for mild to bright colors that reflect light and keep the mood energetic. Dark colors absorb light and therefore are not ideal for office walls.

If you have been missing a key point or two mentioned here, you might be surprised at how much of a change any one or all of these factors can bring to the overall mood, productivity and impression of your business. You don’t have to do it all at once, but the important thing is to get started on the right path.

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